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Year in Review

Happy New Year. The second year of this blog has been even more enjoyable than the first. More and more of you are reading and sending your friends--and I greatly appreciate that. Of course, I still have plenty of lurkers and it's been fun baiting you to see if you'll admit reading here. In 2009, Bringing Home the Bacon was visited by very puzzled people from 52 countries and more purposefully, I hope, from residents of 48 U.S. States (Wyoming? North Dakota? Can I get some love?). My U.S. visitors came from 635 cities, from Altoona to Zephryhills. Many of my visitors these days are stopping by after seeing my posts on Twitter and Facebook, although a few stragglers are finding me via search engines, using search terms like bacon cough, year old pee, how to bring a skunk back to life , and Husband's favorite, Dayton+police+Holly . (These are REAL search terms people have used to find my site, courtesy of Google Analytics.) I spent an enjoyable afternoon reading back

Hits and Misses

Holiday buying is tough. Not even Santa always gets it right. I was prepared to mock a certain relative for giving Justin a set of markers that write on windows. He's five. It's not like he's preparing to drive in a caravan to the big game any time soon. And I was a little rude about it. BUT. The more I thought it about it--at least he liked them immediately, even if I do now have scribbles all over my sliding doors. Santa didn't score so well. If you read nothing else on this blog, take a peek at Justin's Christmas list for this year. I'll wait. Well, Santa in his infinite wisdom decided that there were some better things out there that Justin didn't even know to ask for, like the new Fisher Price TRIO (which I learned about from very helpful local blogger , "Mommin' It Up"). On Christmas morning Justin ripped through his packages and pronounced after every one, "This wasn't on my list." Husband I were giving each other pa

Tidings of Comfort and Joy

I love Christmas cards. If you are on my "snail mail" Christmas card list, ours may be the first one you receive. Ever since I started sending out cards--in high school--I have always been striving to send greetings that will stand out from the cardinals-perched-on-frosted-tree-limbs cards that seem to be a dime a dozen (not that those cards can't be beautiful). Every year I think I have topped myself. First, there was the baby carefully arranged in a Longaberger basket with wrapping paper taped to the dining room wall to serve as a backdrop. Later, there was the Halloween holdover card where Ryan was the tractor, Justin was the little pig and our Christmas tablecloth served as the holiday scenery. Last year I discovered Scrapblog and I used their site again this year . But let me tell you, every year I am stunned by the wonderful cards I get that put my efforts in their place. In the past few years I have received photos of pensive babies bathed in the soft glow o

An Adorable Bell Saves the World's Cutest Santa

Once upon a time there was a family of bells, led by a dapper bell-ringer. The bells were to perform on Christmas Eve but there was a problem--the littlest bell was a clunker. All the brother and sister bells complained about her and planned to drown her out. Little did they know that the little bell heard their cruel words. She left and went to spend Christmas alone in a tall tower. Then... the whole story comes to a grand musical ending:

Santa, Baby

Justin had some help from his big brother in creating his Christmas list. Turns out, Justin and his father both want some of the same things this year. Yeah, they both want a "farm set." Get your mind out of the gutter.

On the First Day of Christmas Cards

Welcome to friends and family who got here via the address in our Christmas card. I hope you will make a habit of checking in often and leaving comments on the posts. We also extend Christmas greetings to some new friends who we don't know in the world of mailboxes but only in the online space. To my new visitors: please know that this blog has strict rules . Not sure what this is all about. The theme of this blog is family life , farm life , and life in the trenches as a public relations professional or "flack." Enjoy these holiday-themed posts or just scroll down to see more.

Give our Regards to Broadway

Thirty+ years ago my mother-in-law took her son to see a production of Annie. It in instilled in him a love of musical theatre matched only by my love of felines... And if you have ever met either one of us you'll know that by "love" we mean an outright hatred of musical theatre (him) and cats (me). Interestingly enough, Husband does love cats. How a man who loves cats could also dislike musical theatre is beyond me. It is just part of the daily conundrum associated with being married to a country-music-hating, belt-buckle-avoiding, cowboy-boot-not-owning professional pig farmer. Husband's disastrous trip to see Annie is part of family legend, so when I saw that Annie was returning to Dayton, I knew that my mother-in-law would want another chance to bring appreciation of the arts to her grandchildren. To ensure a more successful trip, I worked to prepare Morgan for the big day. We watched clips of the songs on YouTube, watched the movie when it fortuitously ca