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A Few of My Favorite Blogs

It's been nearly two years since I sat down at the computer during a blizzard and created this blog. A college professor told me once that the the best way to improve my PR writing skills was to read good writers and it seems that the same would go for blogging. I have become a fan of a number of good blogs and Web sites but here I share a few of my favorites and how they've helped shape this site. There are two national sites I love that are just too important to ignore but I also admire local bloggers who aren't as famous but still give me inspiration. Dooce Ok, so maybe not the most original choice but I, like many others, find Heather Armstrong's style and ability to find self-deprecating humor in everyday life very entertaining. Why I love this blog: It's a peek into another Mom's life that is very irreverent. Her frankness is refreshing and her writing is superb. What I learn from this blog: Headline writing is a lost art. Use creative phrases to

Gettin' Funky with Soft Scrub

When I was making the case that I should be included in the ultra-exclusive (only 200 bloggers picked!) Soft Scrub Club Captain  list, I told them that I lived on a farm and things get messy here. I didn't want to scare them or I would have confessed that I have to wipe out the inside of my washer every week. Yes, you read that right. I have to clean inside my clothes washer or else farm funk will build up inside the lid. You don't even want to know what kinds of things are on the clothes to cause this. Right before my free (disclosure of product gratis) sample bottle arrived, the pipes in our kitchen froze. Not only did our old pipes freeze, our drain froze too and water and gunk began building up in the garbage disposal. I thought it would be a good idea to turn it on, which caused the funk of 40,000 years to gurgle up into the other drain. Delicious. Fortunately, I had a full bottle of Soft Scrub and a healthy skepticism of their claims that this bottle works upside

If You Can't Beat 'Em, Join 'Em

When I first started this blog, I did it to have a creative outlet. I was very tired of spending my days writing about my B2B employer's leading innovative solutions.   I never had any goals for this blog about making money from selling ads or any type of sponsorship. Along the way I heard about these very savvy women bloggers known as the mommy bloggers , a term some embraced, others decried but all were willing to have tattooed on their a$$ if it meant a free trip to Blogher. I kept hearing about the trips, the clothes, the free toys, the Twitter parties with giveaways and finally I said to myself and my good friend and fellow blogger M, maybe we're doing this wrong. One day, on a lark, I signed up for Mom Select , a company that connects mommy bloggers and companies. I thought it would be good research for my career. I also used career research as the excuse for applying for my very first mommy blogger adventure--becoming a Soft Scrub Club Captain. Well, Big Butter

Guy Reads - Wild Hog Edition

Wow, it's been a long time since we had a Guy Reads segment, I had begun to worry that intrepid ag reporter at the Dayton Daily News , Ben Sutherly, had been permanently reassigned.    But never fear, last week the Dayton Daily News ran its annual OMG there are wild pigs in Ohio story ( covered here expertly last year too). This year's headline: Wild hogs could be past point of elimination in Ohio . This is a serious story for Husband because wild hogs can carry disease and if they came onto our farm they could wreck our feed, tear up our farmland and de-flower our gilts (virgin pigs--I'm not kidding). It's amazing to think that there are hundreds of wild pigs in the state. According to the U.S. Department of Energy (not sure why they are involved), wild pigs cause 27,000 auto collisions a year nationwide. Photo: In the comments section of the Dayton Daily News story, many were comparing wild pigs to coyotes, both wild animals t

Obscure Seinfeld Reference Goes Here

Well, I've really done it now. Dayton Most Metro , an online hub for all things Dayton, has published my submission , obscure Seinfeld reference and all. If headline writing were like Scrabble, I think I'd have a triple word score for getting both chicken and sex in the title. Check it out.

Acting My Age

Yesterday I did two things a woman my age should not do: 1. Go roller skating. 2. Watch a 1973 edition of the Lawrence Welk show. I am too old for roller skating and have the locker-key shaped bruise on my thigh to prove it. But my younger, hipper sister thought that roller skating would be a fun activity with the kids while she is in town. Even Husband got in on the act, putting on skates for the first time in at least 30 years. Fortunately for him and all the hungry pigs on our farm, he did NOT break his leg. Believe me, I wanted to get photos but was told no blogging . (oops!) Later in the afternoon I turned on public television, hoping to catch a little Antiques Roadshow (more my speed, you see) but instead saw the intro for a replay of a special episode of the Lawrence Welk show featuring Disney music. The clips looked like long-lost Will Ferrell Saturday Night Live sketches but they were REAL! I decided to pop in my dentures, re-position my Hoveround Chair and settle in to

Thanking our Children for Poor Behavior

I am not a stellar mother . I sometimes let my kids eat chocolate cake for breakfast.  I have been known to hide from them in the bathroom. But here's at least one thing I get right: I don't thank them for poor behavior--ever. You may be thinking Well, duh, nobody thanks their kids for being bad. Let me just share a little scenario with you and you can see if you recognize anyone. Dad at McDonalds Playland entrance: Sophie, it's time to leave. Come out now. Sophie: Whines and doesn't come. She continues playing. Dad: Sophie, come on! We're leaving. Sophie: She continues playing. [repeat three more times] Sophie: Finally stops playing and comes to get her coat. Dad: Thank you, Sophie. Did he just say thank you ? Thanks for what? Thanks for finally obeying your father after like 10 minutes of ignoring him? What are the odds that Sophie will do what her father says the next time he tells her something? What's the incentive? I don't know if it has