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Au Revoir

The pig sale is over and Claude' is off on his national pig grooming tour but he was kind enough to leave behind his friendly but much less flamboyant half-cousin, Bob. Bob is a big hit with the kids and really knows his way around a pig farm.   Au revoir, Claude'. Whenever our ears catch the gentle hum of livestock clippers or we set our eyes on a freshly groomed pig--we'll think of you.

The Mysterious Claude'

National pig-clipping man of mystery, Claude', is greatly enjoying the fame and fortune that come from being featured on this blog (maybe not too much fortune, actually). It will soon be time to say goodbye to our dear friend as he leaves us to impart his swine grooming knowledge elsewhere. Husband would not have made it through the week without the help and guidance of Claude'. We only hope we can book him for next year. Ladies, I promise I will do my best to capture Claude' in action at our pig sale, however, you need to know that he is happily married to a lovely woman who bakes blue-ribbon winning pineapple upside down cake. You don't stand a chance.

Weekend Plans Cut Short

I haven't been at my current job long enough yet, apparently, because people still make the mistake of asking me what are you doing this weekend? I say that it is a mistake to ask me about my weekend plans because that question is supposed to be followed with an ordinary answer like going to see a movie or yardwork. But when you ask me about my weekend plans, you're likely to get an answer like this: well, we'll be pretty busy getting ready for our pig auction. Husband has to give haircuts to 100+ pigs. Yes, you read that right. Pigs get haircuts. Husband is grooming them for the pig auction (we call it a sale) that we are having on Saturday. In the market for a pig? Head over here . Pigs have short, coarse hair that in days of old was used to make brushes (and maybe still today). Husband and other pig farmers clip the hair of the pigs shorter to make them look more appealing to potential buyers, who in this case are 4-H kids and parents looking for a hog to take to th

Sign of the Farmpocalypse

Every issue of Sports Illustrated has a brief quote titled Sign of the Apocolypse, a humorous but true sports news item that makes you wonder--have we gone too far? In that spirit, I present another installment of Sign of the Farmpocalypse , because I just can't make this stuff up. "I want to see pigs. I want to see pigs." - Cries from our six-year-old sleep walker, found roaming the halls last night.

Farming is a Business, Darn It

My latest post is up on Dayton Most Metro, wherein I preach to urbanites about how farmers face the same issues as every small business. Following up on Poop Day was tougher than expected.