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Pig's Eye View

Over at I resurrected my Rural Living contributions , just in time for spring. I can't, unfortunately, take credit for the adorable photo included with the article but I did take the video .

A Wee Little Post to Liven your St. Patty's Day

Seven years ago my doctor said, I'm on call Wednesday, you can have the baby then. And my little St. Patrick's Day miracle was born! Justin is a sweet, sweet boy and a creative spirit. To celebrate his own birthday, he composed a poem titled "The Night Before St. Patrick's Day." Here he is introducing the poem: Here he is reciting it: Happy 7th Birthday, Justin. We love you.

Third Blogiversary!

Oh my, how did I almost forget my third blogiversary. I've been a little light on posting lately but a recent compliment by one of my social media idols has given me new enthusiasm. Now that the weather is warming up I pledge to put on my boots and get out there to cover farm life. In celebration of this third year, I pasted all of my posts into a cool free tool over at . You can see I love to blog about my farmer Husband and Christmas. Also, I blog about pigs more than my children. Thanks to all my family readers, my lurkers, my former co-workers who used to tell people in the cafeteria that I wrote a blog about pig sex, my new co-workers who are always saying that should go in the blog and my dear, dear Husband who humors me.