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'Round the Block: Straight Talk from Two Women Just Like you Who Have Been There and Done That

Bloggers Megan of Soy Boy Mama and Holly of Bringing Home the Bacon have survived growing up in the '80s, college, graduate school, married life, motherhood and the corporate jungle. Now living several states apart, they are counting on several good rounds of artificial pig sex to allow them to be reunited this summer. Earlier this week via email… Holly: I am sitting here wearing my new boots . FREE to me because I am a big-time blogger and was offered them to review. The company sent an email two weeks ago and said they wanted me to review a pair of boots. I got to choose my preferences from three styles and they arrived today. Of course, now I have to think of something clever to say on the blog besides, "I got these boots to review and they are awesome." Any suggestions? Megan: OK, first, totally awesome and cool that you got shit for free for being a blogger. I have blogger envy. Two, and holy shit. This isn't a $3 bottle of Soft Scrub. Those sucker

Barnyard PR

Happy Thanksgiving to all you turkeys out there smart enough to hire a PR firm. And a Happy Thanksgiving to all you blessedly sane people who have NOT plugged in the icicle lights you left hanging on your garage from last year. Or put up your fake smells-like-the-basement Christmas tree.

Snapshots on the Farm

How many working Moms come home on a Thursday night to this scene? Husband and the kids were exercising their pigs for the North American Livestck Expo in Louisville.