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Dear Mayor of DeGraff

Do you ever read the quotations endorsing a book? As a PR person, I am often in the business of suggesting  quotes for busy corporate-type people, so I am interested in quotes and perhaps the hidden meaning within. Sometimes the hidden message is thanks for also endorsing my book  or OK, now you really owe me  but sometimes the message is straight up this is a fascinating read and I'm so enamored by this book, I will shout it from the rooftops.  And then, sometimes you are the mayor of a small town and your PR person is either on vacation or is one of those people who pretends to be a PR person but is actually your sister-in-law who likes to plan parties and types everything in Comic Sans and you are asked to endorse a book called Side-Yard Superhero by some smiley professor guy who is a bigshot in the Ozarks, wherever that is. SO, you flip through the book you are asked to endorse that happens to be about your little town and you come up with Welcome to DeGraff, Ohio. I promi

Snapshots on the Farm

Spring is here and the farmers are busy. Sometimes there's even the rural version of a traffic jam.

Zou Bisou Bisou Cake

Today's blogging challenge is to cover three separate topics you've been meaning to cover while participating in a blog carnival and making delicious baked goods that look like Jabba The Hutt's ass. Go! As a PR agency gal and lover of basic cable, I couldn't help but get hooked on AMC's Mad Men, so when I saw an online promo to host a Mad Men party for the season premiere, I jumped at the chance. I went to a site called House Party , signed up and was stunned as could be when I was selected to receive a box of goodies to throw my own party. But there was a problem. Not only did I get a great box filled with posters, character masks and a t-shirt complete with faux tie and lipstick smudge, there were also napkins. And cups. Crap, my plan was to have a post-show gathering with my agency co-workers but now I was going to have to provide refreshments. Since we were getting together first-thing Monday morning after the show, I thought maybe a coffee cake would b

Sign of the Farmpocalypse

Every issue of Sports Illustrated has a brief quote titled  Sign of the Apocalypse , a humorous but true sports news item that makes you wonder--have we gone too far? In that spirit, I present another installment of Sign of the Farmpocalypse, because I just can't make this stuff up. The New York Times is holding a w hy it is ethical to eat meat  essay contest to be evaluated by a "veritable murderer’s row of judges." The comments on this article are as interesting as the whole premise. Many are reasoned and scholarly, although my favorite answer to w hy it is ethical to eat meat was simply, bacon. Stay tuned for The New York Times  next ethical dilemma: Why is it ethical to breathe air?

Snapshots on the Farm

Farm kids always have little secret places to go. This one is in the middle of the farm and also a million miles away from it. UPDATE: Feel free to sing along Islands in the stream, that is where we farm Find a mossy rock, and an old deer bone Wade away with me, in your rubber boots And we will play in our hideout, uh-huh From one farm kid to another, un-huh

My Cup Runneth Over

I didn't drink any green beer on St. Patrick's Day. I didn't go to a bar but I did spend time with a wee little guy , however, this post is about what I did with the kids today. Eight years ago, the day after a rare March snowstorm, I cranked out my second baby before noon and barely broke a sweat. Since we held his party on the night before St. Patrick's Day  this year, Justin had a free agenda for his Saturday birthday. The day started and nearly ended with a marathon Monopoly game, in which no matter how much I tried to bankrupt myself by buying more houses for Pennsylvania Avenue, I kept afloat. Once Justin lost everything on my green properties and Ryan amassed a $32+ million fortune, we finally ended the game. Then, since six hours of Monopoly wasn't enough to break me, I took all three kids shoe and athletic cup shopping. At one point, when Ryan was in the sporting goods store dressing room trying on underwear--actually a padded short thing for basebal

The East Side

This is the east side of my house. No big deal, right. Except that my knowledge of cardinal directions is so poor that Husband will be very surprised that I know this. Also, I never  take photos of this side of my house. You can see our porch-turned-kitchen and fake-door-that-opens-into-the-refrigerator from here.Also, the weedy flower bed that sent both Husband and I to the doctor multiple times for poison ivy last summer. If you ever visit us, be sure to stay on the west side of our house--or maybe the south, who knows.

Snapshots on the Farm

Round bales stacked in the hay loft of our very old barn.

Engaging Reactions

Eight years after I met the guy of my dreams at the county fair, seven years after we went on a first date that fizzled, three years after we went on another first date that ended after a Cincinnati Reds rain delay kept us out until 3 a.m., my Husband-to-be finally proposed. He came down to visit me at college and... let's tell that story another time. The important thing to know is that I said yes 17 years ago today. The other important thing to know is that I could once fit into those jeans--damn. This is our engagement photo. It was taken by some local guy who was trying to break into photography. I doubt this is in his portfolio. Some of the best stories from this day are how/when we told our parents about our engagement. The first issue is that we got engaged late at night on a week night, so we had to wait the entire next day to catch our parents after work. (Remember, this was back in the days before cell phones when you had to wait for people to be in their home to ca

4th Blogiversary!

Four years ago TODAY, I sat down during a blizzard (yes, we used to have those in the winter) and started this blog. My target audience (that's the PR person in me, that I even had a "target audience") was the 98 percent of people who don't live on farms. I even set rules to keep legitimate farm people away--today you can call us the two-percenters. I saw this blog as a way for me to have fun entertaining non-country folk while educating them on agriculture AND stretching my creative writing muscles to help my PR career. I recently updated the style of this blog. It's my slightly-more-girly-feminine-but-country-looks-like-dining-room-wallpaper-you-will-hate-later look. Thanks for coming along for the ride.

PR Idea of the Week

I have to imagine the conversation went something like this: Hotel manager : I just went to a conference and I'm inspired to change our culture to be totally customer-centric. Hotel PR person : Great, I have some great ideas about a campaign to... Hotel manager: Don't worry, I have a fantastic idea. Our new program will be called Inn Action, get it? Hotel PR person : head hits the table This is a REAL program at a REAL hotel I stayed at in Detroit.

My Christmas Pin(e) Tree

Partly because I'm trying to win something over at Momminitup (There is something to win this week, no? That's OK.) and partly because this is one of the many things from 2011 I forgot to blog, may I present my Christmas fruit tree. Only 299 days until you can use this one! I found this idea on Pinterest. Actually, it was featured on Momminitup from a blog that was located on Pinterest. Anyway, I was inspired. I took a green Styrofoam cone (If I do this again I will cover the cone with lettuce or something that appears more edible.) and used toothpicks to attach green grapes, blueberries, kiwi, strawberries and cheese cubes. I used a lemon slice for the star because I didn't really have a big enough piece of cheese or fruit to fit my star cookie cutter. What made this as a beautiful Christmas treat was the antique dish that I served it in. I took this to my grandma's house on Christmas Eve and it was immediately devoured by the dozen or so great-