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5 Myths of Public Restrooms

Women, we do some ridiculous things in public restrooms. Not kinky things. For goodness sakes, get your mind out of the gutter. I'm talking about the stupid social "rules" we have developed that make no sense; the myths of public restrooms. 1. The Myth of the Peeper - First, let's agree that the goal of 99.99% of public restroom visitors just want to do their business and move on. So knowing that, why is it that we women spend so much effort barricading ourselves in the stall. We ask friends to hold the door and fret if the door isn't firmly fastened. Why? As long as the door is closed, no one wants to barge in on you any more than you want to do that to someone else. Has ANYONE in the history of public restrooms ever been victimized by a female peeper who burst open unlatched restroom doors? No! 2. Stick Man Myth - A few years ago I worked at a hospital. In newer parts of the hospital, it was common to find side-by-side restrooms that were unisex. One p

Snapshots on the Farm

We have two new additions to the farm. These yet-to-be-named bunnies are the starting point for Justin's 4-H project for next year. Unless they are both girls...

Showman of Them All

So many great things happened at the county fair last week that it's going to take more than one post to brag about cover it all. There are two main parts to a livestock show. The first is a contest to see which pig, lamb, steer, heifer is the best. The second contest, showmanship, looks at which kid is best at showing the animals. This year at the county fair, Ryan showed his little heart out in the swine showmanship contest. He was very close to beating out the much older kid who won. A few days later, Ryan, aided by his well-behaved Ayshire heifer, Daisy, won the dairy showmanship contest (and a trophy almost bigger than him)! As we collected the huge trophy, we realized that he was now automatically entered in the fair's premier event--the Showman of Showmen contest--where the top showmen from each species compete to see who is the top exhibitor overall. Husband won this show way back in the 1980s and he knows that this is a grueling event. Ryan prepared by

Snapshots on the Farm: County Fair Edition

He's been such a big kid this week, winning shows, competing against much older kids and taking good care of his livestock. But he's still 11. And fair week has a way of catching up to you. Thank goodness for beds and AC in our rented camper.