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I Can Write

I grew up back in the era before there were trophies for everyone. Only the best softball team got a trophy (even when I was in elementary school), only the top animal at the fair got the blue ribbon (true still today), and there were no consolation ribbons if you got eliminated from the spelling bee. Back in 198-something when I was just a young nerd , I entered my first writing contest. It was a K-5 contest at Farmersville Elementary School and I entered a story I had written based on something that really happened when we were on vacation at the lake. Although, the plot had been altered to include several of my spelling words. I won the "I Can Write" contest, beating out other kids who were older. I knew then that writing would be part of my future. That writing would be part of my career. I have since won a whole shelf full of awards for my communications work. Some awards were for team efforts, some for my own writing. But I keep this nearly 30-year-old trophy

Snapshots on the Farm

Husband is offering some of his bred gilts (young females who are pregnant) in an upcoming auction, so the men took my phone out to capture some of these beauties for purposes of promotion. Like many of us, these females were not too keen on being photographed in their time of bodily change, but I think Husband and Ryan did a good job. I just love the little Justin photo-bomb in this one.    

The Hottest Girl at Nerd Camp

Recently, I proudly sent my son to a three-day camp for gifted/talented students (he was mainly excited to miss class). As I helped him pack, it brought back memories of the time I was the most popular girl at nerd camp. Of course, it wasn't officially called nerd camp. I'm sure my mother called it gifted/talented camp too. I remember very little about what mind-stimulating activities we did that week in the summer of 198-something, but I do remember this: I. Was. POPULAR! I mean like super, mega, would-have-been-prom-queen, leader of the nerds POPULAR! I really don't know how it happened. One minute I'm the dorky girl whose mother has to remind her to comb her hair, and the next thing you know I'm being mobbed at the pool. After all these years, the memory of being sought out, of being in demand, of being envied by others. Whew. What a heady feeling. I even had a sidekick, Anne. She and I had our pick of the nerd boys. And like in the plot of every good

Marketing Conundrum in My Ear

Here is a marketing conundrum that has bothered me for a while: How do you market a product that most people buy for a reason you can't acknowledge? I'm talking about Q-Tips. Come on, you buy them to stick in your ear, admit it. But Unilever has to pretend that you buy them to clean your computer keyboard, swab non-ear parts of your baby and polish your furniture (?) Dr. Rob Moser says on WebMD that Q-Tips are weapons of ear destruction. And in case you ever wondered what the braintrust at The Wall Street Journal does over lunch, listen in here: But seriously, against all medical advice and Q-Tip marketing to the contrary, we buy Q-Tips to STICK IN OUR EAR. I am trying to imagine what goes on at Q-Tip marketing meetings: Marketing VP: Well, sales are up this month. Marketing Peon : LOTS of dirty ears out there, huh! Marketing Team : SSSSHHHHHH!! Marketing Director : The results are clearly the results of our improved packaging. The image of the Q-Tip va

Snapshots on the Farm

It's a beautiful fall day on the farm and our 3-week-old Ayrshire dairy heifer, Chocolate Chip, is enjoying some pasture time with her older cousins. Chocolate Chip is unusual as an all-red calf in a red and white breed.

Ohio Election Hangover

It's the day after the hotly contested Presidential election. Ohio, after being the center of the political universe, goes back to flyover state status. I snapped this story-in-a-photo this morning that I feel summarizes the sentiment of the resident of this rural Montgomery County home. NOTE: I am not making a political statement here, just an observation and an image too strong to pass up.

How to Spray Paint an Upholstered Chair

How to spray paint upholstery: Step 1: Get inspired by the very crafty Megan at OmahaHa! and rip off the hideous, ill-fitting cover on the milk-stained but otherwise good chair in your living room. Step 2: Order four cans of saddle brown paint  and hope for a pretty fall day. Step 3: Make a half-hearted attempt to clean the chair because it seems like you should. Drag your chair outside in the front yard and excitedly start painting. Forget to take a before picture of your milk-stained chair.   Step 4: Sit on your porch and take an artsy photo of your chair as it dries from coat one.     Step 5: Make sure you remember to paint the cushions as you start coat two.   Step 6: Leave the chair on the front porch to dry.   Step 7: Get home from work and activities after dark for a week so you can't finish final touch-ups.   Step 8: Find the last nearly empty spray bottle lying in your yard and use it to get a few places you missed.     Step 9