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Life Hacks - PR Awards Edition

Many of us in the public relations field are busy creating two-page write-ups of our most interesting and successful accomplishments for the year to enter in various awards programs at the local, regional and national level. I always enjoy this time of year and after nearly 20 years in this business I am happy to boast that I have a whole collection of glass and plastic awards in an old Office Depot box gathering dust in my bedroom. Photo credit: Dayton Area PRSA Actually, I do have several awards in storage but I do appreciate every bit of professional recognition I have received. And after entering, winning, and judging public relations awards at the state, regional and national level, I have a few tips for those of you who may be new to creating applications and/or are completely unable to follow written directions.  I was honored to accept a PRism Award from Dayton Area PRSA last year.  So here are my hacks for flacks, a list that will help you put together an