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Snapshots on the Farm: 4-H Camp Edition

The boys spent most of this week at 4-H Camp . They had a wonderful time canoeing, making crafts with duct tape, sleeping in what appears to be a chicken coop, singing songs, and occasionally bathing. This was Justin's first year and I was a little worried about how he would handle so many nights away from home. But he was happy from the minute we dropped him off to the day we collected him and his stinky bag of laundry. He can't wait for camp next year.

Hang on There a Minute, Sloopy

Last week we attended the  Midwest (minor) League All-Star Game here in Dayton hosted by the Dayton Dragons. We had awesome seats, the kids brought friends and the weather was perfect. But something was amiss... During the course of the game, the Dragons announcer brought out a series of entertainers that represented different aspects of the arts in Dayton, interspersed with some fun facts about Ohio. They even had a video featuring Dayton native Nancy Cartwright singing "Take me out to the Ballgame" in her most famous cartoon voices, including Bart Simpson. All of that was great. I was encouraged to see the Dragons helping educate visitors from out of town about the great things in Dayton and Ohio. One of the last Ohio promotions started out pretty well. The Dragons Green Team members ran out on the dugouts while the voiceover said the following (this is my best recollection): Ohio is home to some of the greatest sports fans in the country. We love our Clevelan

Amber Waves of Grain

Now that summer is officially here, it's time for my annual reminder of a basic fact of agriculture. THIS is hay  that was baled on our farm. THIS is our neighbor's wheat, which will soon be harvested for wheat grain and straw . Don't screw this up!

World Pork Expo Thong

Sometimes the punchlines for this blog write themselves. Not only is there a real event called the World Pork Expo but I am headed there this week. AND... at the gift shop outside the trade show, they sell World Pork Expo commemorative THONGS. I can't make this stuff up. THONGS. So check out my posts from past World Pork Expos and check back frequently for some thong-a-rific fun! This is me at the 2012 World Pork Expo. I am preparing to show a pig. Yes, she does have a head. NO, I am NOT wearing a World Pork Expo commemorative thong.