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Snapshots on the Farm

My new I-finally-have-a-smart-phone enabled series. Dinner during planting season. As wet as the past few weeks have been, many farmers, like my father-in-law, aren't able to stop for supper.

I Hate the Grocery

Does anyone out there actually enjoy going to the grocery? I hate. the. grocery. And if you can't tell, it's Saturday and I'm a working mother with three kids so that means I just got back from there. I get my groceries, all $200+ of them, at the IGA in our small town. I hate that place. But it doesn't matter, I've tried the Krogers 15 miles from my house, the Meijer 20 miles from my house, even the famed (and very pricey) Dorothy Lane Market. I don't like grocery stores. Since listing things I don't like is somehow the most popular thing I do on this blog, let me put into list form my dislike of the grocery: Top 10 Things I Hate about the Grocery 10. Revolting bathrooms. Have you ever gone to the bathroom at the grocery. Good gravy. Do they take the same care and pride in cleaning up the areas where they store our food? They have an entire aisle of cleaning products but don't seem to have ever used even one spritz in their own bathroom. 9.