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Circle the Wagons

After Husband and I had been blessed (some days more blessed than others) with three kids, we wanted to take a permanent step to ensure we wouldn't be unexpectedly blessed again. I knew that this medical procedure would be up to me to handle. I can't even get Husband to go to the dentist regularly, let alone a doctor who would be asking him to drop his drawers. I know I have some younger readers of this blog, so take note ladies: Do not let your reproductive future hinge on a medical procedure to be scheduled by a man who is afraid to even get his teeth cleaned. The only way I get Husband to visit his dentist is to threaten to cut him off my corporate dental plan. It works like a charm--because he knows I would do it in a heartbeat. Tough love. Husband and I each go to different dentists but they are both so experienced and well-established that they probably had Civil War veterans among their early patients. Husband's dentist is so cute and quaint that he sends