Wednesday, March 19, 2008

The Go! Section

Our newspaper publishes a special tabloid-style section every Friday called "Go!" It's a great place to find out when a cool local band is playing and what new clubs are opening downtown.

I'm ten years of marriage and three kids waaaaaay past needing that information.

However, I have my own Go! section. It arrives in my son's schoolbag every month on a pastel paper and is a great place to find out when a cool local PTA carnival is happening and what new skating parties are planned.

I guess there's a Go! section for every age. Our parents, for example, years past their clubbing and school skating party days, have found a different section of the local newspaper to serve as their Go! section.

Looking for something to do on a Tuesday night from 4-6? Our parents' Go! section has a recommended gathering--complete with a pretty good list of people who will be there. Need an activity to fill a Sunday afternoon, a place to get reacquainted with long-lost school mates, and possibly their children? Want to get together with all your cousins? Their Go! section has a daily list of great options for socializing and places to "be seen" where people they know and people their age will be sure to be in attendance.

Our parents follow these pages religiously (pun intended), re-arranging schedules to attend select events. They even call to see if we heard the news about how they are holding an event in honor of dear old Dolly, you know she was Grandma's neighbor, Wednesday from 6-8.

And as much as we liked the guy who used to cut Dad's hair, we do not need to attend his event either. We don't care if "senior Go!" says his niece, our favorite preschool teacher, will be there.

I guess every age has its social priorities. You could say that honoring people who have affected your life is more valuable than an evening at the club, more productive than t-ball practice. In fact, one of the most interesting features of our parents' Go! section is that eventually we all get to host a personal event on the pages.

Let's hope it's a long time from now.

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