Tuesday, May 20, 2008

PR Idea of the Week

I'm a member of the local chapter of PRSA and I'm constantly amazed at the great people they bring into town to speak to us, nationally recognized people like Ann Wylie and, quite memorably, Peter Shankman.

Ann Wylie is a post unto herself--and since I didn't do one last week, consider this my post: Don't call yourself a writer unless you've been to an Ann Wylie workshop. There.

OK, back to Shankman. We have nothing in common. He is a cat-loving, single New Yorker who runs marathons and jumps out of airplanes for fun. I am a farmer's wife from Ohio who vacations at the State Fair and couldn't run the gravel lane from my farmhouse to the road. Also, I hate, HATE cats.

But I find myself among his many followers. We both appreciate a targeted, cleverly worded media pitch. We both feel the thrill from connecting a client with a journalist and getting that perfect clip.

We both love a good stunt. Granted, he has actually done the crazy things he thinks up.

Peter has quite brilliantly build himself a phenomenal network of potential clients, PR experts and journalists who all appreciate his Help a Reporter Out service. I highly recommend to PR people that they subscribe, not only for Peter's exciting PR updates but also for all the great leads from top media outlets.

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