Wednesday, July 30, 2008

A Bad Day on the Farm

Yesterday was a very bad day on the farm.

The tractor wouldn't start, so we had to call someone to fix it. Then, the hay baler got run in some rocks, so it was a mess.

Our new pig pens didn't stay up, so we had to rebuild them. One bright spot is that we did buy two new cows. And we did pick up a new tractor at an auction.

There was a little bit of trouble with manure hauling. And somehow, our farm was overcome by Morgan's tea set...

It turns out that even pretend farmers can have rough days. And in their effort to "keep it real" my sons have perfected the daily rhythm of farm life.

When something seems to go very wrong every day.

But as they say, a bad day on the farm, still beats a good day at school.

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