Thursday, January 8, 2009

100th Post

Whew! This is the 100th post to this blog. How did that happen?

There's no use repeating my year in review post, so I'll just share a few scenarios that illustrate the double life I lead.

Once, I freaked out my east-coast-transplant Vice President, because I told him to hold on for a second (we were both in our cars on the phone) while I navigated around a cow in the road. He didn't even think to ask the first question everyone around here would have: whose cow was it?

I took my husband to a casual corporate event to which spouses were invited. Later, I was told by several people in the most complimentary way, he doesn't LOOK like a farmer.

Last summer, I did a job interview (by phone) from the swine barn at the Iowa State Fairgrounds.

Two summers ago I cashed in my frequent flyer miles, earned by going to meetings in NYC and conferences in Chicago, for a round trip ticket to Des Moines (A tip: not too many blackout dates for DAY to DSM).

I held a contest among my communications co-workers to name our new boar. The winning entry - Magnum PIg

This year for Christmas I bought my husband something useful for his career. A Blackberry? Oh, no, a microscope for checking the viability of pig s&men. He will do this on our washer.

So stick around for the next 100 posts. You never know what's going to happen next around here.

P.S. If you know ANYONE with at least one clicking finger who lives in Wyoming, Vermont or Rhode Island, please have them stop by. I must feed my addiction to Google Analytics.

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