Sunday, January 31, 2010

A Few of My Favorite Blogs

It's been nearly two years since I sat down at the computer during a blizzard and created this blog. A college professor told me once that the the best way to improve my PR writing skills was to read good writers and it seems that the same would go for blogging. I have become a fan of a number of good blogs and Web sites but here I share a few of my favorites and how they've helped shape this site.

There are two national sites I love that are just too important to ignore but I also admire local bloggers who aren't as famous but still give me inspiration.

Ok, so maybe not the most original choice but I, like many others, find Heather Armstrong's style and ability to find self-deprecating humor in everyday life very entertaining.
Why I love this blog: It's a peek into another Mom's life that is very irreverent. Her frankness is refreshing and her writing is superb.
What I learn from this blog: Headline writing is a lost art. Use creative phrases to draw people in.
Does she know I exist: No
Why I am insanely jealous: Do I need more than two best-selling books and an estimated advertising income of $40,000 A MONTH?

The Pioneer Woman
In four years Ree Drummond took her blog from obscurity to national awards to a 23-state cookbook tour. What's not to admire. Why I love this blog: The blog is about a woman who can see rural life with an outsider's eye. She's married to a handsome farmer and has a bunch of very active children who love to be outside. Aside from her gorgeous red hair and mastery of the kitchen, we could be twins (ha!).
What I learn from this blog: It's all about the pictures. Show the 98% of people who are not involved in agriculture what goes on behind the scenes.
Does she know I exist: Well, we corresponded once when her site broke my computer. She was very kind in helping me get things fixed. I have not yet been invited to The Lodge.
Why I am insanely jealous: Doesn't every woman want to completely redesign a separate guest home on their property. I want her sense of style (and her budget).

Mommin' It Up
Dayton area mommy bloggers Jenny and Emily are everywhere. They tweet, they blog, they review products and they travel to all the major blogging conferences.
Why I love this blog: Jenny and Emily are down to earth and fun. The writing on the site is warm and friendly but no-nonsense. They joke about being "kind of a big deal." And they are.
What I learn from this blog: Don't knock mommy blogging until you've tried it. There are people out there who want your help to connect their brand with an audience.
Do they know I exist: YES. I have met both Emily and Jenny and find both to be just as friendly and open as they come across on their site.
Why I am insanely jealous: They just announced that they both are getting brand new appliances from Frigidaire.

Soy Boy Mama
She'll probably laugh when she sees I've put her on the same list as Dooce and Pioneer Woman, but Soy Boy Mama is an important influence on my blogging.
Why I love this blog: Soy Boy Mama posts slices of life that make me laugh out loud. She has a unique style of writing and a dry wit that I love.
What I learn from this blog: Don't wait until you have the perfect 300-word post in mind before blogging. Throw it out there and have fun. UPDATE: Soy Boy Mama is pretty darn near perfect. I only meant that I tend to want to create essays instead of blog posts.
Does she know I exist: YES. She's the one who told me I needed to start a blog.
Why I am insanely jealous: She managed to post every day in November as part of National Blog Post Month and she gets comments on almost every post.

Thanks to these talented bloggers for serving as my inspiration.


  1. Love, this one, Holly, It's positively inspirational!

  2. Thanks for including us! Made my day.

  3. Holly, YOU are the wind beneath MY wings. (OK, I said this to Fritz before typing it and said, "That's cheesy-funny, right? I mean, it was in that movie Beaches and that was about two good friends." And he replied, "Didn't one of them die?") Death aside, thanks for the wonderful mention. It meant a lot.

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