Monday, February 22, 2010

Cleaning Up After the Octo-Farmer

My friend and fellow blogger is running the cutest posts for February on the toys and treasures that her sons stash in their ride-on car.

I thought that I could do the farm version and share the nasty things that Husband likes to store in the kitchen or even in the bathroom that most people wouldn't allow in their garage.

How many hands does Husband have? Apparently all eight of these wet, bloody, poopy gloves need to be on the kitchen floor to ensure a thorough soaking of newsprint into the carpeting. Note, that I, no fool of a farm wife, have sought to counter-act his efforts by installing the darkest most speckled carpet ever made.

Stay tuned to future posts for the crisper full of refridgerated pig medicine and the dryer vent of straw. Cute!

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