Monday, March 15, 2010

Guy Reads: Senior Clip Service Edition

Corporations and celebrities hire clipping services (or at least they did before the Internet) to track their media coverage and send them relevant articles from the newspaper, however, if you live in small town America or are the offspring of someone who lives in small town America, you have a built-in clipping service. There are armies of little old church-going ladies who, if they know you or anyone in your family tree, will clip news articles about you and put them in envelopes in the hopes they run into you at church or their next social outing/funeral.

Last weekend at church a woman gave us this clipping from the Dayton Journal Herald from February of 1952. Her husband was in the the war (Korean?) and she would mail him clips of local people to read. So this clip is not only 50+ years old, it's been to Korea and back (probably) and it's about Husband's grandfather.

Isn't it quaint that the paper gives nearly a half page (OMG, newspapers have shrunk in 50 years) to writing about an old famer and his herd dog. I never got to spend time with my grandfather-in-law, so I do appreciate the opportunity to read this article and share a little bit about Great-GrandDad with my children.

Will I be running around in 30 years, zapping old blog posts into young people's finger-tip sized electronic gadgets? For the sake of my grandchildren, I hope so.

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