Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Two Years of This

I can't believe it's been two years since I sat down during a blizzard to start this blog. On my first blogiversary I thanked my blogging muse, my dear, sweet Husband. After two years of this, he really deserves a medal.

This year, I'd also like to thank all my loyal readers who read this blog on their lunch hour--even though I sometimes post things that cause Diet Coke to shoot out their noses. (Ok, maybe that only happened to one reader.)

I'd also like to thank all my lurkers. I'd thank you by name but then what fun would that be. You wouldn't get to pretend you don't read the blog; I wouldn't get to post things to get your goat that you can't say anything about since you offiicially don't read the blog. It's complicated but entertaining.

This year I took on a few new blogging challenges. I added the Dayton Media on Twitter listing, which has been quite popular. I also became a guest poster at Dayton Most Metro and tried my hand at Mommy Blogging.

Thanks to my Facebook friends and Twitter pals who I lure over here periodically, my Aunt and Uncle-in-law in New York who always praise my writing, and my co-workers who tell everyone I have a blog about pig sex.

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