Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Guy Reads: 80s Haircut Edition

It's time for another installment of Guy Reads, the exciting feature where I share news items that Guy, my nickname for my husband, should glance at after he gets done with the sports pages. Technically, this is a Holly Reads column since Guy knew all about this story.

Husband is a tad shy and modest, so he was reluctant to share this article with me (maybe because I was planning to blog it and mock his haircut). But as you can see, back in 1988 he was named an excellent young hog farmer, following in "A Tradition of Excellence."

Click on the image to read the full text.

We came upon this ancient text while working with another excellent young hog farmer, our son Ryan, who was working on a poster for a hog show in Louisville about the history of the Hampshire breed.

Husband was a sophomore in college when this was written (I was in the 8th grade, HA), but I believe our son will be ready for his write-up by the time he's a sophomore in high school. I can only hope his haircut stands the test of time a little better.

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