Wednesday, August 11, 2010

State Fair 101

I mentioned recently that we were heading out to the Ohio State Fair and many of you wished us well. This year I tried to take some photos of the work that goes into a state fair visit, because for us, there's very little eating of cotton candy (although last year we did have some fun milking a fake cow). 

When we arrive at the fair, we back the trailer into the barn to unload the pigs. This involves Husband skillfully backing the trailer and me not helping at all, unless you count when I let the truck hit a guard rail.
Husband enters the trailer and opens each pen to unload the pigs one by one directly from the trailer into their pen, which has already been bedded with wood chips (like their cousins the guinea pig).
After the pigs are unloaded we get the rest of our gear and stow in an empty pen. I am a veteran farm wife and so I know that everything needs to be about six inches from the edge of the gate in case a pig with a long nose gets put in the next pen.
After unloading, the kids and I usually need a break but Husband keeps working hard, washing each pig in a special washing pen, almost like a pig shower stall.

Once the pigs are washed, we can number them. The numbers are for easy identification during the show and sale (auction) that follow. Husband uses metal numbers on sticks dipped in paint to add the right digits. Green for the white pigs, yellow for the black ones.

During the show, Husband is intense. I learned a long time ago that show time is no time for goofing off. This year, Husband and Ryan got to show against each other. I was able to capture this touching moment!

As serious business as our trips to the state fair always are--this is Husband's equivalent of a trade show--we girls do take time to steal away for some shopping. Doesn't every farm girl need pink boots?


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