Sunday, August 15, 2010

They've Gone and Ruined Poop Day

Political correctness has gone and ruined Poop Day. One of the earliest posts on this blog was about the annual Poop Day in our town--an event wherein farmers bring fecal samples (of their farm animals, of course) to the local grain elevator to be evaluated for parasites. It's the social event of the season around here.

You can imagine my disappointment when Husband received his invitation this week:

Parasite Evalution Clinic? BORING. We want our Poop Day back!

Can the event really be the same now that political correctness has run amok in our annual Poop Day festivities? Oh look, hamburgers and drinks will be provided--now THAT'S a Parasite Evaluation Clinic I can get behind. Maybe not behind.

1 comment:

  1. In the spirit of Poop Day, from hence forth, participants in the Parasite Evaluation Clinic (PEC) shall be referred to as PECkers.

    You're welcome.


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