Monday, August 23, 2010

Year of the Pink Boots

A few weeks ago, at that other state fair, Morgan and I snuck off and bought some beautiful pink boots. Since then, she's been anxiously waiting for another opportunity to wear them.

This weekend we headed out to the Indiana State Fair--with free tickets I won from two great Indiana farm bloggers. While Husband and the boys stuck around the hog barn to watch the show (we decided not to bring any of our own pigs this time), Morgan and I ventured out to see the sights.

We were really excited to get some free ice cream, courtesy of this giant cow. There's nothing we like better than visiting the State Fair and hanging out with fake Holsteins.

Thank goodness this giant farmer couple was available to clean up after her. You can see the wife looks a little miffed that the husband is making her sleep in the barn, but you know those dairy people, they camp out. You should see the size of the crockpot she brought for their dinner.

All in all it was a great day of pink boot compliments, fake animal posing, real animal watching and pig farmer networking. It's great that this was Year of the Pig but next year, we want a giant pink boot.


  1. I have never been to the Indiana State Fair. Obviously there are definitely some things that I need to see! I love the Year of the Pig idea.

  2. We experience at the Indiana State Fair was great too! I love reading your blog about it!

  3. I think next year the theme is year of the soybeans?


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