Saturday, December 18, 2010

How to Make a Snowflake

This isn't normally a how-to kind of blog. And if you have been reading this blog to learn how to do anything, then bless your little heart.

But today I have decided to share a special Christmas skill that I have possesed since eighth grade when Mrs. Glanton taught us how to make beautiful paper snowflakes that we used to decorate for the winter dance. (I wore my sweater skirt--so cool!)

Step one:
- Get a piece of 8.5 x 11 paper.
- Stop swearing about the scissors and settle in for some Christmas fun!
- Find a hot hand model--oh, that was on my list. You won't need one.

Step two:
- Fold the paper to create a triangle
(Husband graciously volunteered to be my hot hand model, until he got hungry.)

Step three:
- Cut off the extra piece to keep just the triangle

Step four:
- Fold the triangle again to make a smaller triangle

Step five:
- This is the step that sets this method apart and guarantees a beautiful snowflake every time--so don't screw it up.
- Fold the triangle into the center, first one side then the other to overlap. I don't know how to describe it--just look at the photo.

Step six:
- Make sure you've done step five correctly and have something that looks like lame oragami.

Step seven:
- Cut off the weird oragami-looking part. That will be the outside edge of your snowflake, so cut with zig-zag or curves as you want.
- Take slices out out of the sides of the triangle to make shapes in your snowflake.

Step eight:
- Enjoy your beautiful snowflake!


  1. Hilarious... I just cut a snowflake for my daughter tonight, and I'm proud (?) to say I passed the Glanton-technique on the future generations as well! However, I'm not as good as you, because at least you gave credit. I, on the other hand, couldn't remember WHO taught it to me when my very-impressed husband asked! haha....
    anyway, thanks for the flashback to 8th grade.
    Oh... and as a side note.. one thing I DO give Glanton credit for... her happy birthday song.. sung to each one of my students on their bdays as well (although, in a much less operatic soprano octative considering I'm 100percent alto... or baritone or bass whenever Cassel needed that.) haha. Kari Schoonover McGuire

  2. Your wonderful, thank you!! My grandaughter and I just try it, {love the humor} it got me through it. Dosen't look like yours, but who's judging. Have a wonderful Christmas, 3 years latter.

  3. We actually threatened the kids against using the kitchen scissors. When that didn't work, we hid them in a secret location. Of course that means I can only use them when no one else is looking!


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