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Great-Aunts: The First Facebook

Do you remember the world when our great-aunts were Facebook?  When your second cousin, ex-uncle, or brother's nephew on the other side got pregnant, imprisoned, or passed the Bar, you got the news like this:  his mother called her mother, who called her sister-in-law (your Grandma), who called your mother, who called you. That's how news progressed. And if there was a little editorializing along the way, well that's how family works. Today the rules are all different. When cousin Julie's* water breaks she updates her Facebook status to Baby coming toniiiiiight!!! Also, couch for sale. Then, if you're real lucky she'll be tweeting her contractions and the first sound she hears when her husband comes to. And your great-aunt will know this. Even though the most technologically advanced item in her home is great-uncle Herbert's hearing aid. See, our great-aunts are getting Facebook without even owning a computer. The family phone tree has been turne

Grandma's Cookie Tin

Last fall we lost our Grandma and over the holidays we divided up her few remaining possessions, an exercise full of positive memories. After our Thanksgiving weekend family Christmas, we cleaned off the dining room table and spread out her things. There were jewelry boxes of old watches, pretty little jelly dishes, some antique Christmas decorations and lots of other semi-valuable treasures, but first thing I did was snatch up this old tin. I have to think that this tin was cherished by Grandma too. After giving away so many of her household items, holding an auction and moving into her second nursing home--this tin was among her few remaining possessions. Unless there is someone from Antiques Roadshow reading who wants to tell me otherwise, this tin is garage sale fodder---nothing valuable here. But for me this tin was the first thing I looked at in Grandma's kitchen every time we visited. Strategically located on the first piece of counter top inside her kitchen door, this

Year in Review

Happy New Year. The third year of this blog has been an adventure and I am glad to have made some new blogging friends this year.More and more of you are reading and sending your friends--and I greatly appreciate that. In 2010, Bringing Home the Bacon was visited by very puzzled people from 55 countries and more purposefully, I hope, from residents of 48 U.S. States (Alaska? South Dakota? Can I get some love?). My U.S. visitors came from 735 cities, from Poca to Zeeland. Many of my visitors these days are stopping by after seeing my posts on Twitter and Facebook, although a few stragglers are finding me via search engines, using search terms like 80's haircut guy, worst Christmas house, happy poop day and, interestingly, holly michaels naked. (These are REAL search terms people have used to find my site, courtesy of Google Analytics.) I don't want this post to read like Uncle Herman's Christmas letter, recounting the detail of every month of the past year (includ