Saturday, January 1, 2011

Year in Review

Happy New Year. The third year of this blog has been an adventure and I am glad to have made some new blogging friends this year.More and more of you are reading and sending your friends--and I greatly appreciate that.

In 2010, Bringing Home the Bacon was visited by very puzzled people from 55 countries and more purposefully, I hope, from residents of 48 U.S. States (Alaska? South Dakota? Can I get some love?). My U.S. visitors came from 735 cities, from Poca to Zeeland.

Many of my visitors these days are stopping by after seeing my posts on Twitter and Facebook, although a few stragglers are finding me via search engines, using search terms like 80's haircut guy, worst Christmas house, happy poop day and, interestingly, holly michaels naked. (These are REAL search terms people have used to find my site, courtesy of Google Analytics.)

I don't want this post to read like Uncle Herman's Christmas letter, recounting the detail of every month of the past year (including his bowel incident), so I'll just post a few posts that show how 2010 was a year of adventure and growth:

• I started out the year working chicken and sex in to my first submission to Dayton's online magazine,

• Also, I tried out Mommy blogging.

• In February  took some great photos of our winter wonder farm.

• As the weather warmed up, I introduced the world to renowned pig groomer, Claude', who may or may not be married to the kids' current babysitter, we probably shouldn't say.

• Also in pig-related news, I posted a H-O-T photo of my husband with his 80s hairdo. He was written up in a pig magazine as an up-and-coming young farmer.

• My friend Megan and I launched our new co-blog column. We quickly delved into Amsterdam nightlife and offended a preacher.

• As usual, our kids got very dirty at the county fair.

• In one of my most commented-upon columns, I admitted to not liking San Francisco--or kittens.

• I ended the year sharing the story of my best worst Christmas ever.

So thanks for reading and come back soon to see what 2011 has in store.

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