Monday, February 28, 2011

Somebody Sell Me a Van

General Motors has abandoned me. Not only have they discontinued my beloved Pontiacs but now they refuse to manufacture any type of mini-van. And don't talk to me about seven passenger vehicles. I want SLIDING DOORS.

So, seriously, I need somebody to sell me a van. I have only purchased three brand new vehicles in my adult life--all from the same rural GM dealer.

Here's what my car-buying experience has been like to date:
- We arrive at the dealership at speak directly to the guy whose last name is on the big sign out front.
- He asks us what we want and shows us a car in the lot. Then he goes back inside to do paperwork, clearly not concerned about whether we buy anything this trip or not.
- When we ask, he tells us truthfully about whether we need certain options.
- He gives us a decent price on our trade-in.

Starting over with a new car-selling place is not a fun proposition. Frankly, we don't trust car-selling guys to be honest with us and not rush us into a decision. Husband and I have resorted to stopping by dealerships at night when they are closed to take an uninterrupted look at the latest mini-van options.

Car companies, are you listening to me? My biggest problem is not price, it's service.

Can anyone, perhaps someone representing one of those "foreign" companies, help me? I want a van with two sliding doors and a push-button rear hatch. I need an entertainment system for the kids and a GPS system for me. Oh, and leather buckets because I loves, loves heated seats. And yeah, I need an engine that doesn't run on a rubber band, because I have my mother's lead foot.

I need somebody to shake my hand, look me in the eye (because I bring home the bacon, remember) and tell me honestly why I need to consider their van.

I'm not looking for a special deal or to get invited to a mommy blogger event, I just want to know where I can get the level of service I've become accustomed too.

So who out there has a recommendation on a mini-van--and a great person to buy one from?

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