Friday, September 9, 2011

Population: One Farm Wife. Sal-ute!

Last week during the county fair (post on that coming soon!) I got an email from the editor of Farm & Dairy notifying me that they had finally published an interview with me and two other much more qualified farm wife bloggers on their blog, The Social Silo.

The Social Silo

I was doing that activity that you do at the fair between frantic efforts to get a kid and animal ready for show--sitting around on a picnic table--so I clicked on the link on my smart phone and started to read.

Oh, no. Did I just imply that Hee-Haw cast members know something about agriculture? Well, they do sit around on straw bales.  

Just check out The Social Silo for poop day, cow intestines and pig tits--it's Minnie Pearl approved.

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