Saturday, March 10, 2012

Engaging Reactions

Eight years after I met the guy of my dreams at the county fair, seven years after we went on a first date that fizzled, three years after we went on another first date that ended after a Cincinnati Reds rain delay kept us out until 3 a.m., my Husband-to-be finally proposed.

He came down to visit me at college and... let's tell that story another time. The important thing to know is that I said yes 17 years ago today. The other important thing to know is that I could once fit into those jeans--damn.

This is our engagement photo. It was taken by some local guy who was trying to break into photography. I doubt this is in his portfolio.

Some of the best stories from this day are how/when we told our parents about our engagement. The first issue is that we got engaged late at night on a week night, so we had to wait the entire next day to catch our parents after work. (Remember, this was back in the days before cell phones when you had to wait for people to be in their home to call them.)

The call to my family went like this: 

RING, RING: Hi, this is Susan. (my little sister)

Me: Susan, Todd asked me to marry him!

Susan: What did you say?

Me: I said YES! Tell Mom and Dad to call me back.

Susan to Dad: (holding a catalog) HollygotengagedcanIbuythis?

My parents were thrilled and my sister got herself a new inflatable tanning bed thing.

The call to Husband's family went like this:

RING, RING: Hi, this is (Husband's) Mom.

Husband: I'm here with Holly and we want to tell you something.


Husband: We got engaged!

Husband's Mom: When did you get the ring? Why didn't you tell us you were doing this? Are you happy? When is the wedding? Another question? Another question? Another question?




My future mother-in-law and speechless but happy father-in-law recovered enough to send me flowers, while my happy parents said yes themselves to whatever my little sister wanted. Husband and I celebrated our 15th wedding anniversary last fall.

I still like to think we're as happy as the two kids in this photo, taken 20 years ago.

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