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Zou Bisou Bisou Cake

Today's blogging challenge is to cover three separate topics you've been meaning to cover while participating in a blog carnival and making delicious baked goods that look like Jabba The Hutt's ass. Go!

As a PR agency gal and lover of basic cable, I couldn't help but get hooked on AMC's Mad Men, so when I saw an online promo to host a Mad Men party for the season premiere, I jumped at the chance. I went to a site called House Party, signed up and was stunned as could be when I was selected to receive a box of goodies to throw my own party.

But there was a problem.

Not only did I get a great box filled with posters, character masks and a t-shirt complete with faux tie and lipstick smudge, there were also napkins. And cups.

Crap, my plan was to have a post-show gathering with my agency co-workers but now I was going to have to provide refreshments. Since we were getting together first-thing Monday morning after the show, I thought maybe a coffee cake would be nice.

So I turned to Pinterest and found a great new recipe to try.

I was out of town all weekend, so Sunday night before settling down with my remote, I whipped together this concoction that fortunately tasted a lot better than it looks. I didn't even bother to rotate these photos, because even this way, you can see the trenches of cinnamon that formed and the calorie-free pools of melted butter.

This recipe was unique in that you are to drop the brown sugar/cinnamon on top of the batter and swirl. Next time I will pour half the batter and then add a layer of cinnamon before pouring over the rest of the batter.

My agency colleagues thought my coffee cake tasted great, even though it did resemble the dimpled ass of a certain galactic blob, and we had a good time chatting about Mad Men and a lot of other shows we have loved over the years.

I caught my friends re-enacting the Draper birthday party scene using these character masks. Just KIDDING. Everyone knows Betty wasn't invited.

It's kind of a let-down now that we have to wait a whole week to find out what happens next on Mad Men. You can tell I've had the show on my mind--I even caught my niece doing some baby Draping.

Baby Draping FTW!


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