Thursday, June 14, 2012

This Could be a Problem

I think my head is going to explode. You guys, I just figured out how to make a custom THONG on Cafe Press.

Do you comprehend the absolute OPPORTUNITY here to commemorate ALL of my swine-related activities via thong? We're talking Poop Day, Ohio State Fair O'Neil Swine Barn, Summer Type Conference (always been a toughie to find commemorative undergarments for this one), the day Claude' arrives to clip pigs and even the Montgomery County Fair Swine Show. Maybe a special edition, My Kid Won Showmanship, version.

Breathe. Breathe.

Anyone up to the challenge? Send me your agriculture related thong idea. If any make tears of hysteria stream down my face, I will buy two. One for me and one for you. As a bonus, I will NOT model mine.

Do it for America.


  1. I know nothing about agriculture...but surely there is a contest somewhere for biggest corn about a Biggest Cob Contest thong? Or just a commemorative THONG for the biggest cob? You know you wanna win that!! If you're a dude, that is.

  2. The corn cob should be on the front of a man's thong. Now, that would be hilarious!

  3. So many options, so many options. I think I'm going with:

    Balls Out!
    2012 Testicle Festival
    Southbend, NE

  4. "Scratch me like you scratch your pig".........LOL


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