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County Fair Preview

The Montgomery County Fair starts this week and our family is gearing up for another fun week of old friends, family, livestock exhibition and dirt. Lots of dirt . Husband and the kids have been working hard to prepare their 4-H pigs and dairy heifers for show day, while I have been focusing on laundry, stocking the trailer that our extended family shares, procuring white pants for an 11-year-old boy, did I mention laundry(?) and a few fun non-livestock fair entries. For several years I have been entering a scarecrow. Following the themes dictated by the fair, we have created a post man, Bob the Builder, the Evil Queen in Snow White and even Angelina Jolie . This year they asked for a traditional scarecrow, so I took some jeans (that Husband had worn the day before), a old feed sack and an old flannel shirt from my Mom's house and created a more traditional scarecrow, complete with crow and metal bucket that can double as a rain gauge. Every year the kids enter

In Need of Some Oinkment

There is a reason that Husband didn't own any shorts (or swim trunks) when I met him. Farmers need to wear jeans. In all temperatures. In all situations.   Husband still farms in his jeans every day but he is now known to wear shorts often enough that his legs are no longer the same color as those eyeless fish that live in the bottom of the ocean. So we weren't concerned earlier this week when Ryan headed to the barn to take care of his 4-H pigs in his play clothes (shorts/t-shirt).   This is not the pig that bit Ryan. In this picture all three kids are wearing shorts with the pigs, without incident. Unfortunately, the pigs were in a bad mood that day and got in a fight. Pigs are territorial. They usually get along with other pigs, but like people, they tend to be wary of new pigs inside the gate and tend to fight, sometimes viciously, to establish the pecking order of the pen. We're not sure why the pigs were fighting but Ryan got caught in the middle. His

Snapshots on the Farm

Husband, Morgan and the fair pigs out for their evening stroll. Just a normal scene from our front porch.

We are Fam-ily: Top 10 Tips for Planning a Reunion

Having survived back-to-back family reunions this summer, I am now feeling like an expert on multi-generational food-based gatherings. Whether your reunion is annual or scheduled because some aunt said, "we're tired of only getting together at funerals," planning is important. So here are my 10 tips for planning a family reunion .  1. Keep everyone informed. If your reunion is annual, setting a standing date (third weekend of July, for example) is helpful. A consistent date helps family members schedule their vacation time for travel and helps everyone know to hold that weekend. My family reunion is always in July, close to the birthday of the patriarch of our family. Every year we send out a one-page flyer with the details and the schedule of our weekend-long reunion. This is just a reminder since we keep the schedule nearly the same each year. Since Husband's reunion was new, his cousin collected emails and set up a website to keep everyone informed of

Swine Slobber in my Laundry

Of the many remnants of pigs that make their way into my house via dirty pig farmers, like pig poop, pig pee and pig semen(!), worrying about pig germs hadn't really crossed my mind. But now there is H3N2, known casually and, perhaps incorrectly, as swine flu . In case you've been living under a rock, or you rely on this blog for all your swine-related information (haven't you been in the dark lately?), the H3N2 flu starts with pigs but can be transmitted to humans. Several state and county fairs in Ohio and Indiana have reported cases in both pigs and at least 120 162 people. Our pigs and our farmers are all healthy but this is something we are watching.When the kids were at the Ohio State Fair last week, some hogs were sick. Husband spent some time disinfecting our equipment from the State Fair. We still have our county fair coming up on Labor Day weekend. Fortunately, the flu has not proven to be too dangerous for humans (Symptoms of infection with the H3N2v v

White on Labor Day

The definition of insanity: 11-year-old boy wearing all white + dirtiest place in the county + livestock = County Fair Dairy Show. I just ordered this year's white Wranglers for our county fair , which is on Labor Day weekend. I will probably keep them packaged up until show day, otherwise, every ketchup, mustard or sauce jar in our house may explode with excitement.