Saturday, August 25, 2012

County Fair Preview

The Montgomery County Fair starts this week and our family is gearing up for another fun week of old friends, family, livestock exhibition and dirt. Lots of dirt.

Husband and the kids have been working hard to prepare their 4-H pigs and dairy heifers for show day, while I have been focusing on laundry, stocking the trailer that our extended family shares, procuring white pants for an 11-year-old boy, did I mention laundry(?) and a few fun non-livestock fair entries.

For several years I have been entering a scarecrow. Following the themes dictated by the fair, we have created a post man, Bob the Builder, the Evil Queen in Snow White and even Angelina Jolie. This year they asked for a traditional scarecrow, so I took some jeans (that Husband had worn the day before), a old feed sack and an old flannel shirt from my Mom's house and created a more traditional scarecrow, complete with crow and metal bucket that can double as a rain gauge.

Every year the kids enter decorated cupcakes. Here is Morgan's test run of cows and udders.

And Justin's fish, who are represented by the Lollipop Guild

And a behind-the-scenes look at the test of Ryan's frogs and what happens when we decide that only one sample is actually good enough to use up some of the good candy to complete.

I also enter photos every year. Sometimes my criteria are more about which pictures do I want to invest in ordering a 5x7 print of, than art. I don't care if I win a ribbon, the $1 was well spent to have this photo of Husband riding a camel on display all week!

So come see us at the fair.  We'll be there making memories.


  1. A bucket that doubles as a rain gauge? Genius.

    Have a great time -- can't wait to hear about how it all goes.

  2. We are going to try and make it down this week. I will text you when we are making plans. LOVE the cupcakes and what a fantastic scarecrow!


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