Saturday, November 3, 2012

How to Spray Paint an Upholstered Chair

How to spray paint upholstery:

Step 1: Get inspired by the very crafty Megan at OmahaHa! and rip off the hideous, ill-fitting cover on the milk-stained but otherwise good chair in your living room.

Step 2: Order four cans of saddle brown paint and hope for a pretty fall day.

Step 3: Make a half-hearted attempt to clean the chair because it seems like you should. Drag your chair outside in the front yard and excitedly start painting. Forget to take a before picture of your milk-stained chair.

Step 4: Sit on your porch and take an artsy photo of your chair as it dries from coat one.

Step 5: Make sure you remember to paint the cushions as you start coat two.
Step 6: Leave the chair on the front porch to dry.
Step 7: Get home from work and activities after dark for a week so you can't finish final touch-ups.
Step 8: Find the last nearly empty spray bottle lying in your yard and use it to get a few places you missed.
Step 9: Bring your chair inside and take an after picture.
Step 10: Enjoy a new chair for a fraction of the price.


  1. Looks great. So glad it worked. I feared the success I had doing my two chairs was just a fluke. Whew! So what's next ... ?

  2. Really great blog i have ever seen. While on the other side of coin, if you are just doing a small job then what’s the use of buying a commercial sprayer? After deciding the type and size of paint sprayer you required, you must consider its quality.

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  4. Thank for your artilcle, I did with my chair, it's awesome

  5. Great idea, I have an old chair I plan to paint with my son. I am sure he will like it.

  6. Congratulations! You did a really good job. Your chair look so cute. I'm doing some research on painting, too. I have an old coffee table and I want to paint it. But I have no idea.

  7. What a great idea, I can do it with all my old sofa or chairs. thank you very much.

  8. Good job! Most people could the most fantastic profession. A reclining chair take a look which means extremely cute. So i am working at numerous researching concerning painting like a professional, much too. May very well an already-established coffees platform not to mention I would like to car paint it again. And yet I just have no idea.

  9. Nice share, I have an old chair I plan to paint with my son. I’m really appreciate your post. Thanks.

  10. I’m not sure I would have the guts to spray paint chairs like these. They’re definitely interesting!