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Snapshots on the Farm

Soooo very much Mommy and PR Blogging going on around here. Let's get back to our regularly scheduled pigs... Morgan and a wonderful tub of Hampshire piglets on their way to get their ears notched and an iron shot . (Husband took them right back to their mother afterward.)

The Disaster After the Disaster

For all the evil in the world and all the bad things that happen to good people, there are so many more people who care and who want to help. This ratio of bad things (few) to good people (many) is what keeps this world going, and its a good thing 99 percent of the time. However, sometimes all the good people help too much. Like the 60,000 Teddy bears  overwhelming Newtown, Connecticut. If you can read the article above from the Associated Press (in the Jan. 7, 2013 Wall Street Journal), the town has its city tax assessor organizing a warehouse and 800 volunteers to deal with the influx of donations. Some experts call this phenomenon of too much help the disaster after the disaster . Newtown is overwhelmed  and has been learning to turn away donations . This issue of too much (or dare I say, misguided) help isn't unique to towns in the East coast recovering from a school shooting. Warehouses of stuff from people with good hearts have piled up in New Orleans after Hurr