Friday, April 26, 2013


Tomorrow is our annual pig auction and the kids (and Husband) are all quite excited. In fact, it's 10 p.m. on a Friday night and I am the only one still up. Tomorrow is going to be a HUGE day.

Preparations for tomorrow started last September when Husband had to plan out which sows would be mated with which boars, so we could have little pigs the right age in April.

Husband has been working hard the past two weeks to sort out the pigs he wants to sell (the pigs are being auctioned to 4-H kids and families who want to take a pig to the fair). Each pig has a new ear tag for easy identification during the auction and has had a haircut by world-renowned pig groomer, Claude'.

Tomorrow, we will load up the pigs on multiple hog trailers, gather up all the 4-H volunteers and family members we can find and head out to the local fairgrounds, where we'll wash each pig (and by "we," I mean the kids) and put them in pens for families to review prior to the auction.

From our youngest helpers to the camera-shy Claude' (see him in the background of this photo!), to even me and the other women in the family as sale clerks, this is truly a farm family event. Tomorrow we will work hard, sell a LOT of pigs (we hope) and then march our stinky selves into the local Big Boy minutes from closing and order a ton of food.

Tomorrow at this time, I'll probably just be turning off our ancient sale computer. 

So tonight I better get some sleep.

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