Friday, November 1, 2013

Pinterest Party Proud

Usually I am the Mom who jumps at the chance to help out at school parties--by providing the juice boxes.

This year I decided to take the day off work to help out at Morgan's 2nd grade Halloween party and another PTO program happening the same day.

The Mom in charge of the party said they already had plenty of sweet treats, so I volunteered to bring something else. So, like my foremothers before me, I scoured Pinterest for an idea that actually included a link to instructions and not just a stolen photo.

I came up with Halloween Fruit Apple Teeth Treats because they seemed easy enough and because Morgan informed me that she didn't like string cheese.

The only downside to this plan was that I didn't want to make them too far ahead, because spooky as they would look, I don't think the kids would really want to eat browned apple mouths.

I raced home in between events and started cutting up apples. Thankfully, Husband came in for lunch and sat down to help me. I cut apples while he immersed them in lemon juice and added the teeth (sliced almonds).

The result was pretty cool. Once they removed the almonds, most kids in the class ate them--even the teacher thought they looked good.

Here are my directions

Nice large apples, any kind
Sliced almonds (can buy already sliced in a package in the produce section)
Lemon juice - dilute with water in a bowl to keep the apples from browning

- Quarter an apple and then cut off the guts/seeds on the back side
- Slice a mouth-shaped opening on the skin side
- Soak the whole apple in lemon juice
- Stick in sliced almonds as the teeth.

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