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The World's Stupidest Cat

In case we have never met, I need to tell you up front that I hate cats. I. Hate. Cats.

So the fact that I took a photo of a cat and actually posted it on this blog is monumental. That I will eventually use this cat as a metaphor is even more surprising.

I'd like to introduce you to the world's stupidest cat. His/her (I haven't bothered to look) qualifications for this designation are many and include:

- Thinking that I will pet it.
- Thinking that I will feed it.
- Thinking that I will love it or have any affection for it at all.
- Thinking that I will let it in my home (at least on purpose).

Here he is. I will pause now for several annoying readers to say awwwww and do some baby talk about the world's stupidest cat.


So even though I refuse to allow myself or anyone else in the family to pet it, feed it, have affection for it, or let it in the house, the world's stupidest cat continues to spend hours sitting outside my door staring in at us. He has slipped into the house several times, only to be tossed back out the door immediately. And yet he stays.

[Note: I may be a cat-hating monster but I am not completely heartless. This cat can have food, shelter and companionship in the barn with the other barn cats. Alas, he is stupid.]

So what is the motivation for this cat? We have done nothing to welcome him, yet he persists. We have rejected him at every turn, and yet he returns. All of the other cats are content to hang out in the barn and eat rodents and cat food. So what is wrong with this dumb cat?

This darn stupidest cat in the world has me thinking... What windows are we pitifully staring through. Are we trying to be friends with people who keep rejecting us? Are we trying to get someone to love us who never will?

While all of our friends are content with what is normal and expected, are we crazy or brave to be on our own hoping for more?

What about you? Are you sitting there waiting for someone's heart to grow? And does that make you stupid?


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