Monday, June 8, 2015

And the Cow Said, "Hmmm"

Once upon a time these cows were very happy to stay in their new pasture lot and then this happened:

Driving down the lane two nights ago...

Me: This lot has been empty for a while, I am surprised the fence is still good enough to keep these cows in for the last week or so.

Husband: Well, the fence isn't really that great. But they have stayed in there so far... 

Cows: Hmmmm

The very next morning one heifer had escaped. This morning the other two were eating grass in the front yard.

Farm wife tip: NEVER question the fence.


  1. The story seems funny, how is it possible to talk with cow yeah agreed on that cow can say you " hmmmm".
    Its like first day you teach cow that your owner is not a good man, be brave you have to ran tomorrow, and cow did the same early morning she didn't in his place.