Sunday, March 9, 2008

A Few Moments of Silence for the Frigidaire

My husband thinks that the sole purpose of this blog is to make fun of him. I assured him that I also intend to spend a great deal of time mocking our parents.

Today was supposed to mark the passing of the in-law's 50-year-old Frigidaire. After years of just refusing to die (I helpfully offered to initiate a mercy killing of the Frigidaire while they were out of town), they finally broke down and did the unthinkable--they replaced a "perfectly good" appliance.

They went to see our buddy Jack at Schenck Furniture (Save your jokes. My great-grandmother was a Schenck.) and ordered a beautiful new fridge with the freezer on the bottom and double doors.

But, alas, the blizzard has kept the old Frigidaire in service. And my mother-in-law gets one more week to mourn the passing of an old friend. They have been together a long time. The Frigidaire was a hand-me-down when they were first married 40+ years ago.

The Frigidaire has chilled the fixings for many a Thanksgiving dinner. It has served as the repository for long-forgotten brands of beer. It has absorbed the odors of a plethora of bad leftovers. It's mottled metal surface continues to serve as an ad hoc photo album, children's art gallery, and archive of church softball schedules past.

Frigidaire, I can only hope to have an appliance that serves as faithfully as you did. An appliance so loved that my sons' wives will be bribing the delivery man to ensure I don't stash it in the garage. Thanks for the memories.

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  1. It's a Maytag! The Schenck Furniture guys delivered a healthy, bouncing two-door this morning. Mother-in-law and Maytag are both doing well. We were there shortly after the arrival and were there for its first cool.


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