Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Happy Poop Day!

Is there anything I can blog here that will be funnier than just pointing out that the sign below is real? And that it reads "POOP DAY! 9-3 PM JUNE 5." Wow, POOP DAY! comes earlier and earlier each year, doesn't it.

Lots of blogs can tell you about corporate life. Lots of blogs can cleverly describe the ins and outs of motherhood, blended families, community involvement... BUT where else can you become informed of rural fecal matter celebrations? Where else?

If you want to just chuckle to yourself the rest of the day about POOP DAY! and then vow never to attend a festival in this town. Stop here.

If you want to know the real agricultural purpose of POOP DAY! and hear how my very own husband gets a personal invitation to participate, then read on.

POOP DAY! is actually a very clever marketing event put on by the makers of Kent Feeds. Local farmers are invited to gather up a sample of, well, poop. NOT FROM THERE,YOU IDIOT! The sample is supposed to come from the animals on the farm. The good people at Kent, then send them off to the lab to be analyzed for worms.

Yes, just when you thought this couldn't get any yuckier than farmers gathering up shit in a jar, driving it to the local feed store, and holding some sort of event. It turns out that the true purpose of POOP DAY! is to determine if your pigs, cows, sheep, or horses are crapping intestinal worms.

And now you will never read this blog on your lunch hour again. Happy POOP DAY! everyone.

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  1. You are NEVER going to believe where we had breakfast this morning. The VERY SAME feed store that sponsors POOP DAY! was having open house and serving free pancakes. So Todd did the chores (yes, real people outside of Little House on the Prairie use that word), we packed up the kids and made the short drive. It was a farmer reunion. We even saw some Amish men there--though they could have been car-driving, electricity-using German Baptists.


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