Monday, March 31, 2008

PR Idea of the Week

I really have to congratulate the Texas woman who took on the TSA about her nipple piercings.

Obviously, the woman is not too bright; she put holes there. But someone who advises her is a PR genius.

Have you seen the Associated Press photo she got from her press conference? I think most of us get the basic concept of a piercing--no matter where it is. But take a dress form, a tan bra, two pieces of boob jewelry and a pair of rusty pliers--and you've got CNN gold, baby!

I've got to give props to the TSA. They have PR people too, who every day sit in some central office, hoping and praying one of the hourly workers doesn't do something stupid that will ruin their dinner plans. Apparently, while not admitting wrongdoing (those lawyers are the bane of our existence), the TSA is now changing its policy. And they have a very cool blog that anyone who represents an organization that is generally reviled should definitely read.

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