Saturday, April 19, 2008

He was RIGHT!

I promised my husband I would blog about this, because he wants the world to know HE TOTALLY CALLED IT.

About 5:30 a.m. Friday morning I awoke to hear my husband saying, "Are you doing that?" The bed was wiggling and the door knob was knocking up and down.

No. I'm not doing anything.

The whole house is shaking. I think it's an earthquake.

It's not an earthquake. Maybe we're being haunted.

He turns to go back to sleep.

Me: If the house is shaking, don't you think that warrants some investigation! I'm thinking that the water heater probably just exploded.

He gets up and wanders around while I dream of Richter scales and broken windows.

Turns out we DID have an earthquake (yes, he called it). There was no damage but that didn't stop the local media from covering it like we just discovered we're getting ready to split from West Virginia.

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  1. I too felt the earth quake...woke me from my bed...oh the shaking. It was kinda weird.
    Public relations professional sounds fun! I have been teaching for years...13 of them in the public system....never a dull moment when you are working with middle school kids!
    Thanks for visiting my blog! Dianntha


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