Sunday, June 15, 2008

PR Idea of the Week

Remember when the worst thing that could happen to you on a school field trip was that your parents could chaperon and TOTALLY embarrass you by telling all your friends how you were such a chubby little baby. Or maybe they would do the unthinkable and become pals with the WORST teacher.

Today, you have to worry about some idiot classmate breaking rules, hurting themselves and then suing to bankrupt your family. Makes having all the cool girls hate you because your Mom busted them for having boys in the hotel room seem pretty lame, huh.

Why this matters to PR is that you can bet every education beat reporter in the country just added school volunteer liability to their list of issues to cover from a local angle.

And as predictable as the fact that there will always be idiot classmates, self-righteous school boards will falling all over themselves to see who can issue the most ridiculous knee-jerk policy in reaction to this verdict. And thus begins another round of media coverage bemoaning the fact that kids can't play tag or keep score at kickball or bring in a plastic knife to cut their apples.

Please, education PR people of the nation, stand up for common sense for a change. Tell the idiot parents that if their child misbehaves even ONCE during a major field trip--your school is going to sue them.

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