Saturday, July 12, 2008

PR Idea of the Week

PR people always cringe at being the subject of articles. Our work is supposed to happen in the background, with good press clips speaking for themselves. But while we individually hate to have our methods aired, we LOVE to get a peek behind the scenes at other PR people's successes (and failures).

So a recent New York Times story about the success of PR efforts for the little-known Center for Health, Environment and Justice gives us a little voyeuristic thrill. The The Bad Pitch Blog goes as far as to include an image from Psycho to introduce their link.

But the most interesting gem in the New York Times article isn't that some media "fell" for their debunked study on shower curtain toxicity, it's the precious quotes from PR people giving their "magic words" as PR Week calls them, to ensure media interest.

Apparently, the best words for press releases these days are "green," "sex," "cancer," "secret," "fat" and "foreclosure." If we could only come up with a headline that includes all these words, we may find the perfect storm of press release language. How about "Secret Revealed: Sex and Green Living Prevent Cancer, Lower Fat, Reduce Risk of Foreclosure.

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