Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Life Under the Big Top

To say things are crazy here would be akin to making a vast understatement similar in proportion to saying that pig poo doesn't really smell.

In other words: Our lives this month, like every August, are out of control. A real circus.

See... we even have the tent to prove it.

Yes, that is a county fair-quality tent right behind our house.

Why do we need a tent, you ask? To hold our annual pig auction, of course.
Huh? We are holding what's called a "production sale," selling boars (males) and gilts (females) to other farmers who want to raise pigs.

In addition to hosting a pig sale in the barnyard this week, over the course of the month we made two trips to the Ohio State Fair to show hogs, one trip to the Indiana State Fair, took one kid to flag football, two more to swimming lessons, hosted crafts at Bible school, and won a church softball tournament (husband only).

After the pig sale we will spend a week at the county fair with our six pigs, four dairy calves, scarecrow, decorated cupcakes, and photo entries. Oh, and then we head to my sister's out of town wedding.

I think we may need a bigger tent to hold this circus.

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