Friday, August 1, 2008

PR Idea of the Week

Anyone who has EVER worked at a marketing or PR agency or has been at the bottom of the corporate food chain can relate to this video. It shows what would happen if we let a modern day corporate marketing team develop the stop sign.

And as much of a mess as they make designing their simple sign, those of us in PR can just imagine what horrors became the press release announcing the new sign. I take a (tongue in cheek)stab at it myself below.

New Innovative Signage Solution from Acme Corp to Minimize Accidents, Appeal to Motorists

NEW YORK--August 1, 2008--A new innovative sign was unveiled today by the state, EPA, and Acme Corp, the worldwide leader in innovative solutions. The sign, designed to appeal to female motorists, will appear at all major intersections and appeal to the good nature and courtesy of drivers.

The sign invites drivers to stop briefly at the intersection and then encourages them to proceed carefully. Each sign is designed by Acme to meet all major safety standards as determined by the EPA and other sponsoring agencies.

"We are so pleased to be involved with this innovative solution to traffic incidents," said Acme CEO Bob Shaffer. "I really foresee that by encouraging drivers, especially women, to please halt briefly at intersections, we can really change the paradigm of modern-day driving. I want to thank the EPA and other sponsoring agencies for partnering with us on this important endeavor."

The new Acme Halt Signage Solution is available through your local municipal government. For more information, visit us online at

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