Tuesday, August 12, 2008

A Moment Not to Miss

There are many moments in parenthood when you wonder what you have gotten yourself into. When your baby projectile vomits in the car. When your toddler dips his hand in his diaper and smears poop on his nose in the middle of JC Penney. When you finally break down and start channeling your mother: Do I have to Stop. This. Car?!

But thankfully there are other moments. Moments that you can't even blog about without getting all emotional. Moments that remind you why it was a good idea to reproduce, after all.

Of course, I'm talking about the day that your little baby boy becomes a man. The day he buys his first pig at auction.

Our Ryan began shopping for a Hampshire gilt (black and white, female pig) as soon as he arrived at the Ohio State Fair. By the time of the auction he had investigated every pig in the barn, cross-referencing against the sale list. A feat made all the more challenging by his kindergarten-level of reading and writing.

He picked out a lovely gilt from Iowa named Miss. And when the auction started he stood with his GrandDad... seriously, I'm blowing my nose now... raised his little arm and signaled to the auctioneer. With his GrandDad at his side (occasionally reminding him to lower his arm), his father looking on proudly, and his Grandmother sobbing with joy, he bought his first pig.

Meet Miss and her proud new farmer:

Miss is home on the farm now. She hasn't stopped helping make memorable family moments. My husband and Ryan got to pick out the boar who will be her "piglet Daddy" and then artificially breed her--just another touching father-son bonding moment on the farm.

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