Friday, October 31, 2008

Trick or Treat

Beggars' night in the country means getting in the car and driving around to relatives who may actually be expecting trick-or-treat'ers and then parking in a subdivision to take advantage of the generosity of the people who live there.

This year we went out as Spiderman, a princess and our sole homemade costume: John Deere Tractor, complete with official stickers purchased at the dealer.
I originally made the tractor costume for Ryan. Justin was a baby that year, so he was the pig, of course. We even took the tractor costume to town and won a contest--all the judges must have been farmers. This year we didn't fare as well at a MUCH more crowded event in the same town.
Justin was a real trooper and carried the tractor around all evening. He got beat out by an OSU cheerleader wearing fake curly pigtails. Even my husband the rabid Buckeye fan couldn't believe it.

In a totally unrelated matter, I have this announcement:
FOR SALE Foamboard JD tractor,
Some post-Halloween damage due
to wrestling cousins, two-legged
powertrain not included.

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